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3rd Sight Yoga Studio

At 3rd Sight Yoga, it is our mission to provide you with personally tailored yoga and fitness instruction for private lessons for individual focus. Classes are available and accessible to all skill levels.

Yoga lessons are catered to the individual's practice, needs, and the traditional Ashtanga lineage. Using alternative sequencing and alignment fundamentals, 3rd Sight Yoga offers a level of personalized instruction rarely found elsewhere. Our students quickly develop a solid practice and spend time efficiently on the mat. 
Training lessons are focused on improving lifestyle, overall wellness, and daily function. Through functional exercises and alignment-based cues, 3rd Sight provides individualized instruction resulting in an enhanced ability to translate practices to everyday activities.
We specialize in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga, as well as flexibility training, posture correction, functional strength, chronic pain management, and injury recovery.​
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Our Instructors

Meet the people behind 3rd Sight Yoga!

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