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Preparing for Class

•  Bring a yoga mat. You may want to bring a towel large enough to cover your mat.
•  Bring at least one large bottle of water.
•  Wear clothing that is comfortable to move, stretch, and sweat in.
•  Shoes and socks are not worn in class.
•  Please feel free to bring blocks and straps.

•  No technology is allowed in the practice space. If you must have a devise, keep it on silent.
•  Please be mindful of heavy fragrances as heat amplifies odors. We want the practice rooms to be welcoming for all students.


•  Come well-hydrated and avoid caffeinated products (including green and black teas) a few hours prior to class.

•  Eat a light snack/meal 1–2 hours before a class.

​•  Visit our Book a Class page to find what you would like to sign up for. Click on the link and it will take you to the Square store for purchase. Once a purchase is made you will receive an email to schedule your sessions. You can also sign up by contacting us to schedule your session. Please be prepared for class 5 minutes prior. 
  *Please respect the other students and teacher in the class by being on time. We offer a flexible schedule to accommodate busy lifestyles.



Sessions will begin and end on the scheduled times previously determined by student and teacher. If, for any reason, the student is late, the session will still end on its scheduled time. If the teacher is late, the teacher will extend the end time of the session by the time allotment by which the instructor was tardy with the student’s permission.
*The teacher will wait 10 minutes for the student to arrive. After 10 minutes the student is considered a No Show and will pay the full amount of the session. If the student cancels within 1 hour of the session it falls into the No Show category and the student will pay the full amount of the session booked.


Teacher Cancellations

If the teacher must cancel a session, they are required to provide minimally 12 hours notification to the client. In the event that the teacher does not provide this prior notification, the student's next session will be provided at a reduced rate of 50% if the student buys one session at time.
If the student buys in bulk 15 minutes will be added to the next two sessions with the students permission.

Student Cancellations

If the student must cancel a session, they are required to provide minimally 12 hours notification to the teacher. In the event that the student does not provide this prior notification, the student will pay 65% of the scheduled appointments cost if the student is paying for one session at a time.
If the student is buying multiple sessions and needs to cancel, 12 hours notice must be provided or the class will be deducted since it was bought at a bulk rate.

Rescheduling and no shows shall be demeaned to fall under cancellation and thus will be subjected to the cancellatio policy.


In the event that it rains on the day of your in person, outdoor, session the student has 1 week to make up that session or it can be switched to a Skype session with an additional 15 minutes added to make up for the drive out fee.



There is an additional Covid waiver for all in-person appointments to fill out.

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