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Summer Yoga Challenge: July

This summer I challenge you to spend 10 minutes or less a day to support your yoga practice with some drills! Starting NOW!!!! (Click here for June's drills if you missed them!)

July Drills

  1. Chair squats

  • Stand with your hands in prayer, shoulders, spine and pelvis touching a wall. Feet about half your thigh length from the wall, hip width apart. It might benefit you to lift your toes and put a block between the lower thighs like Gill is doing.

  • Exhale to slide down the wall until you feel the strength of your legs support you (you don’t need to lower very far), hold for 5 breaths.

  • Inhale to press back up and then exhale lower down again for 4 breaths.

  • Repeat for another 3 breaths, again for another 2 breaths and one final time for 1 breath.

2. Modified chaturanga push-ups to knees to chest

  • Start from plank and then bring your knees to the floor.

  • Exhale, bend the elbows and lower your chin towards the floor (without leading with your face) then inhale, push yourself back up and lift your knees to your chest.

  • Repeat as many times as you think you should working to build up your reps.

3. Straddle-up 30x (or as many as you think you should)

  • Start in a wide legged seated position, hands behind the head, elbows out to the sides and lean back like you would for boat pose (navasana). This can be enough for some people (or anyone if you stay long enough). If that’s you just stay here and breathe.

  • Inhale, lift the legs and touch the tops of your feet with bent or straight legs.

  • Exhale lower down but keep the heels of the floor about an inch.

  • Repeat until you can’t or shouldn’t.

If you’re finding any of the drills inaccessible feel free to reach out for other (by no means easier;) options by replying to this email.

Good luck, yogi's!


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